A Sister Paints A Thousand Words

if someone asked me to describe my sister, all my english creative writing training and all the adjectives in the world couldnt do this true beauty justice. she is one of the few people that leaves me speechless when it comes to explaining how much she means to me, so i thought what better way to introduce her to you all than have her do it herself! so without further ado, meet my better half (and be sure to thank her for making this site not only possible but as perfect as i could have ever imagined it could be)...

hi guys!! im taking this time to step out from behind the camera and introduce myself to you all! as im sure you all know, i am megans little sister, best friend, and photographer. but, besides that, i am a girlfriend to an army solider stationed in north carolina, a shoulder to lean on/partner in crime to some incredible girls, a student, and a follower of jesus christ! i love chocolate, getting lost in a good book, finding new music that moves my soul, laughing...a lot, meeting new people, and last but not least, i am obsessed with sloths. i actually think obsessed might be an understatement. you will find me looking up youtube videos of them just smiling to myself because i love them so much. call it creepy but, if you havent already, google baby sloths right now. then you will understand. i cannot die until i hold one. 

i am sure some of you are wondering how i came to eat sleep and breathe photography like i do. it all started when i was thirteen and in a terrible accident with a golf club that knocked out some of my teeth and shattered different bones in my face. i know it sounds awful (and it was!) but it brought me to find my true passion in life. because i didnt want to be in front of the camera due to the smile i didnt have, i found my love for photography. i truly do see life better through a lens and i am so beyond blessed and excited that i get to make my passion my career just like you do with blogging!

i love anything creative and as much as i am a wedding and engagement photographer, i have absolutely loved taking editorial-esque pictures of megan for her blog! not to mention its a way we get to bond and i love that! it has let both of us go to some amazing events and i am so extremely proud of her in all she does, isnt she amazing? not to mention gorgeous! i could photograph her all day! which leads me to all the comments you lovely ladies leave on all of her photos, thank you SO much for all your sweet words, support and encouragement, it means the world to me!

well, it was wonderful getting to share a little piece of me with you guys so you could get a better feel of this sister duo! my BRAND new website has just been launched and i would love for all of you to take a look and tell me what you think! i am so in love with it and think it represents me and who i want to be in my business so well. eeeek! so exciting!! hope you have a wonderful day, happy blogging! 

xoxo emily




  1. Amazing photos and work!
    I'm now following on gfc and bloglovin, 'cause you have a great blog!

    Giveaway on my blog <3 SHE WALKS Blog

    1. thanks ester!! welcome! its so wonderful to have you following along! happy friday xo

  2. THis is such a nice post and really nice to see who takes the photos! Your photography is amazing. Very lucky to have a sister who can take such good images x

    1. i couldnt agree more! isnt she too good to be true?! i always think how wonderful her images of me turn out but her wedding photographs are magic xo

  3. Love this! The two of you are so gorgeous!! Emily, your images are stunning. Such an amazing talent! How fun to be a sister team working together to create something so unique for each of you. Smitten by you two together and apart!

    1. you are just the sweetest whitney! cant get over it, thanks so so much!! it is the best thing in the world being able to express our creative vision through fashion and photography together! cant wait to bring you into the mix! xo

  4. your sister is adorable (as are you!) i follow her on instagram too. Very talented sisters! :)
    thanks for stopping by today and commenting :)


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